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General & Disciplinary Rules


☑The student should have a sense of exultation for being student of a superb institute and regard for seniors.

☑ The student should have a sense of exultation for being student of a superb institute and regard for seniors.
☑ Students are expected to use only polite and respectful language and behave with decorum when talking to the faculty and staff members of the college.
☑ Students shall avoid using abusive, enflaming, and threatening language when talking with fellow student and should totally avoid violence.
☑ Students shall not talk or act in any manner outside the institution that will bring disrepute to the institution.
Ragging and fooling anywhere in the campus or outside the campus is strictly prohibited by court of law. Student found involved would be rusticated from the institute.
☑ Students should act in a responsible manner and should not harm or damage the college building, books, equipment, furniture etc. the cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the student.
☑ Students must keep the College identity Card during their stay in the College premises and during College functions. You are supposed to get your identity cards from the Admin office. The security guard would allow you to enter the college premises only when you show your identity card to them.
☑ Students should help in keeping the campus neat and tidy. Spitting, throwing pieces of paper, writing on the wall etc., are not allowed with in college premises.
☑ Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the notice board regularly. Ignorance of not reading any notice or circular displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions contained in it. ☑ No notice of any kind shall be circulated among students or displayed on notice boards or anywhere without the written permission and approval of the principal.
11) Help to maintain the beauty, tranquility and greenery of the campus. Your suggestions for campus beautification and development shall always be welcome.
12) The Management or Principal's decision shall be final in all matters of punishment of the student for the violation of any of the rules and regulation of the college.
13) Smoking in the College premises is strictly prohibited.
14) If any student get hurt by any happening in the College shall file a complaint with the Principal and not with any outside authority unless the Principal permits him/her to do so.
15) Any political or immoral activity is strictly prohibited in or around the College premises.
16) Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform while attending the College.
17) The College will not be responsible for loss of any mail/valuables sent to a student at the College address.
18) The College is not responsible for any loss/damage regarding the students' belongings.
19) Cars/Motorbikes/Bicycles should be parked in assigned parking lots only. The College students, while parking the bikes/motor cars, are required to put proper lock on them. The College administration shall not be responsible for any loss on this account, whatsoever. The students who want to migrate from LEADS College to any other college can apply within ten days of taking their Board/University Examinations. After ten days, they will have to pay full fee for Clearance.
20) Any false information on the Application Form may render the student liable to expulsion from the College.
21) The College reserves the right to make, amend and introduce any rule as and when considered appropriate.
22) If a student defaults in submission of College dues for a period of one month, his/ her name will be struck off from the College Roll.
23) College has the right to take any disciplinary, administrative and legal action against a defaulting student. It can expel or suspend any student breaking rules and not following disciplines withholding of Examination Admission Forms of the Board/University, release of the Examination Roll No. Slips or withholding the examination result card issued by the Board/University particularly due to any of the following:
   ✔   Poor Attendance
   ✔    Non-payment of College Dues
   ✔    Poor overall Academic Record
   ✔    Failure in the College Examinations
   ✔    Misconduct
   ✔    Any other reason not specifically mentioned herein
24) Students can get benefits like Concessions, Scholarships in case of fulfilling the attendance requirements and observing the fee-schedule. However the application for fee concession must be submitted within the time frame given by the College. Applications received after the lapse of that time period will not be entertained. 90% attendance for scholarships and 80% for other concessions is mandatory.
25) Any fee concession/prize/scholarship is granted only at the discretion of the College Administration and can be withdrawn at any time.
26) NOCs and College leaving certificates can only be issued if the student pays his/her all dues till the submission date of his/her application for the issuance of these.
27) Students may apply for the cancellation of their admission (subject to the permission of Principal) within 15 days after getting admission, however no fee refund shall be made.
28) Despite all the necessary arrangements, the college is not responsible for any kind of mishap during college tours and functions.

Class Room Decorum

1) Every student of the College is required to be punctual in the class. Any student remaining absent from classes without proper permission for a continuous period of 06 days, excluding holidays, shall be struck off from the College Roll unless the cause of absence is explained to the satisfaction of the Principal. In case the attendance is less than 80% they may be disqualified from appearing in the university/ board exams as per the ORDINANCE.
2) In Struck off case, the student may be re-admitted within 15 days (after his name is dropped from College roll) on payment of Re-admission Fee and College Dues.
3) On entering the class, students should observe silence irrespective of the presence or absence of the Professor.
4) Students should get up quietly as the Professor enters the class and keep standing till you are asked to be seated.
5) No student is permitted to leave the class room during class hours under the pretext of going toilets, visiting office etc.
6) Late-comers in the class may be marked absent.
7) Any student misbehaving in the classroom shall at once be reported to the Principal by the teacher. The Principal will take such action as he/she may deem proper. The teacher can recommend a penalty as well.
8) Use of Mobiles/Cameras is strictly prohibited in the classrooms. Mobiles and cameras confiscated shall only be returned if disciplinary committee permits.
9) The College authorities reserve the right to revise any class schedule or to re-arrange the classes.

Library Decorum

29) Books are your best friends in leisure hours. Make use of the Library as much as possible for this purpose.
30) Strict silence is to be observed in the library. Gossiping is prohibited there.
31) Keep your personal books and bags outside the library
32) Books are issued only on the production of Library cards and should be returned within prescribed time.
33) No damage should be done to the books and literature kept in the library. The cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the students.
34) You should have your Identity card while sitting in the library. Please keep periodicals / books etc. at proper place after making use of them.

Laboratory Decorum

35) Read the procedure/ precautions taken about the experiment to conduct that experiment before starting the experiment.
36) Readings should be taken properly and correctly recorded in the notebook.
37) Make sure to follow the instruction / modus operandi of the experiment before starting it to avoid their damages.
38) Experimental performance / observation / findings should be recorded daily in the observation Note Book. Get it signed by your teacher the same day (there and then).
39) After finishing the experiment materials, glassware, chemicals, instruments etc. should be placed at their allotted location with the help of the laboratory staff. Keep your lab clean.

Examination Decorum

40) It is essential to appear in all the mid-term and final term examination as per announced schedule. Parents/ guardians would be informed accordingly about the performance.
41) Use of any unfair means during the examination is a punishable offence and disciplinary action will be taken against defaulting students.
42) Preparations for examination should be done on the basis of prescribed syllabus and previous University/Board examination papers. In order to be familiar to the pattern of University examination always solve question from past examination papers.
43) The students should have passion for getting higher score in the examination.