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Q. What is LEADS Group of Colleges?

Ans. LEADS Group of Colleges is a project of Lahore LEADS University. Established in 1998, LEADS Group of Colleges has been serving for over a decade and a half in the fields of commerce, science, arts, humanities and computer sciences. LEADS Group of Colleges is a fast growing educational network and the trusted name in providing quality education. Simply, LEADS has made education affordable and accessible to all the students regardless of their socio-economic background. It provides a unique opportunity to those aspiring individuals who want to develop their careers in national, regional and international business markets.

Q. Why should I consider going to LEADS College?

Ans. At LEADS College, you can:
Save money:

Costs are generally much lower than those of other private colleges.

Get ready for a career:

If you want to enter the workforce sooner, you can earn a degree in career-oriented fields, such as medical, engineering, commerce and computer sciences.

Try out college:

Most programs are open admission. This means that you can go to college even if your high school grades aren't strong. A LEADS college is also a good option if you're not sure you're ready for college. You'll have a chance to challenge yourself and see if college is right for you.

Is LEADS College affiliated with BISE Lahore?

Yes, LEADS College is affiliated with BISE Lahore and University of the Punjab.

Q. What Intermediate Programs are offered in LEADS College?

Ans. LEADS College offers:

F.Sc. Pre-Medical
F.Sc. Pre-Engineering
FA (Gen. Sciences)

Q. What Bachelor Degree programs are offered in LEADS College?

Ans. LEADS College offers:


Q. Does LEADS College Provide Scholarships?

Ans.  Even though tuition fee at LEADS colleges is usually low, scholarships are also available to fully facilitate the deserving and needy students. To check out the details visit our Scholarships Section.

Q. Do you accept transfer students? done one year,I want to change institutions.

Ans. Yes we do accept transfer students based on their academic records, to find out more about transfer criteria please contact the admissions office or contact us at Contact

Number: +92 300-0882997
Number: +92 300-0882996
Number: +92 320-4528994
or send us an email

Q. How can LEADS College help me decide what to do with my life?

Ans. You can explore different subjects before committing to a program, without having to be too concerned about tuition costs. Many LEADS colleges offer intensive counseling that can help you assess your abilities, interests and education options.

Q. Are you offering Pre-1st year classes?

Ans. Yes, we are offering FREE pre-1st year classes starting from 1st May 2014. For registrations you can visit our campuses or you can register yourself online as well at:
Number: +92 300-0882997
Number: +92 300-0882996
Number: +92 320-4528994
or send us an email

Note: LEADS Administration has right to change the dates if it is needed.

Q. When does the college start its regular admissions?

Ans. After the declaration of Lahore Board / LEADS University results college publishes or displays Admission Notice in dailies, on website, on social media, through other media and on College Notice Board.

Q. What about LEADS Faculty?

Ans. LEADS has highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty aims at ensuring quality education through interactive teaching. LEADS requires Master Degree to match its criteria for faculty. Teachers from renowned government and private educational institutes are providing services in LEADS College.

Q. I want to study at LEADS. How do I apply?Send me an application form?

Ans. You can apply in 2 ways, either by applying online through the website; or by visiting our campuses. For out station students we can also courier the Admissions package: Prospectus, Application forms etc. You can fill them in and send them back to us.
Click here to get the admission form

Q. What is the admission procedure?

Ans. Admissions to Intermediate Part I starts after the declaration of the result of Secondary School (spring) Examination by all the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education.
A candidate seeking admission is required to attach the following testimonials to his/her admission form which is appended in the prospectus.
  ☑ )  4 passport sized photographs with sky-blue background
  ☑ )  1 attested photocopy of Father/Guardian's C.N.I.C
 ☑ )  Two attested copies of Matriculation Certificate and in case of O' Level candidates, Equivalence Certificate          issued by the Inter-board Committee of Chairmen, Ministry of Education, Islamabad
  ☑ )  1 attested photocopy of Character Certificate
  ☑ )  Attach Photocopy of form 'BAY' issued by NADRA.
  ☑ )  NOC (for students coming from other boards)

Note: Original documents and C.N.I.C will also be produced at the time of admission.

Q. What facilities are available at LEADS College?

Ans. LEADS College is rich in facilities to provide students a convenient and comfortable environment so that its students can get more and more concentration on their studies.

Well Equipped Air Conditioned Class Rooms
Computer Labs
Transportation Facility
College Bookshops
College Caf'
Medical Facility
Prayer Area

Q. What Specialties LEADS College possess?

Ans. LEADS College has unique value in its specialties for supporting and care for its students.
Free Summer Session
Extra Helping Courses
SMS Notification Service
College Identity Card
College Uniform

Q. What extra and co-curricular activities are enjoyed in LEADS College?

Ans. LEADS College is rich in extra and co-curricular activities:

Extracurricular Activities:
Sports and Games
Excursion Trips
LEADS College Dramatic Association (LCDA)

Co-Curricular Activities:
Debating Society
Quiz Programs
College Magazine

Q. How do I know the upcoming events & activities and their timings?

Ans. The upcoming events and activities schedule will be uploaded on the official website of LEADS Group of Colleges. Also there will be posters displayed on Notice Board (In the College).
If you still have any queries, you may contact the administration office.

Q. How many campuses of LEADS College are there in Pakistan?

Ans. There are 18 campuses of LEADS College across Pakistan.

Q. How do I contact LEADS College's Head Office? What is the contact number?

Ans.  5-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Near Kalma Chowk, Lahore, Pakistan

Number: +92 300-0882997
Number: +92 300-0882996
Number: +92 320-4528994
or send us an email