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Through the generous support of our educational projects and friends of the College, we are able to offer a number of scholarships to our incoming students based on merit and need. Scholarships vary from program to program and according to the financial condition of the students. Notification about the availability of scholarships and the scholarship application process will also be posted for current/continuing intermediate and graduate students in the College. For those students who don’t carry any scholarship due to their poor grades in their academic career but they are very much needy and deserving, LEADS College offers Need Base Scholarship to cater their problems.
Money has never been the hindrance in the way to get quality education. We are providing maximum financial support to our students so that they can play a big role in the development, betterment and cultivation of the country and for the humanity as well.

Below are the details of the Scholarships available at LEADS College:

Scholarship Plan on Merit Base:

Session (2019 & 2020)

Marks Obtained


95% and above Free
90% to 94% 100% on Tuition Fee
85% to 89% 75% on Tuition Fee
80% to 84% 50% on Tuition Fee
75% to 79% 25% on Tuition Fee
General Category Scholarships



LEADS School Student 50% * Scholarship
Old LEADERS 50% * Scholarship
Kinship 30% * Scholarship
Govt. Employee Son 30% * Scholarship
Teacher Son 30% * Scholarship
Hafiz Quran 30% * Scholarship
Orphan 30% * Scholarship
Disable 30% * Scholarship
Shuhada’s Son 100% * Scholarship

Fee Payment Schedule

  • 1st   August to September
  • 2nd   20 December to 31 December
  • 3rd   01 February to 15 February

  • NOTE:  * Scholarships will be given on Tuition Fee only.


    Although most merit-based scholarships don’t require it, we strongly encourage you to complete the applications for need-based scholarship if you think you may need financial assistance beyond a merit award. That way, whether or not you receive a merit-based scholarship, you’ll be considered for any aid for which you qualify.
    You can get your Need Base Scholarship application form from the admission office.
    Click here to download form