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Trainings & Staff Development


To enhance the capacity of LEADS colleges of higher learning to produce high quality graduates, support innovation, and improve the overall governance and management. LEADS Colleges department is implementing LEADS Group agenda of reforms for which the LEADS Group is also extending its support.


To implement LEADS Group of Colleges Program effectively by providing support to affiliated colleges for improving quality of teaching and learning services.

Staff Development

Teaching has a great significance in any educational institute so to cater the growing global changes, LEADS Group of Colleges conducts teachers trainings focusing on the these areas:

Pre-service Teachers Training

A potential teacher might have academic knowledge of the subject he/she is supposed to teach but he/she may not have an appropriate training in teaching skills; for that specific purpose pre-service teacher training is arranged.

In-service Teachers Training

LGC teaching staff is fully facilitated with such sort of training. This training is arranged during the summer vacations. Group discussion is one of the important gradients in this type of trainings so as to improve the communication skills and English pronunciation.

Workshops and Seminars

Different workshops and seminars are held at LGC intending to personality development and presentation techniques of our teachers. The spirit of dedicated professionalism gets inculcate through these types of workshops. Renowned intellectuals and experienced teachers are invited to deliver stimulating lectures on various topics which prove to be helpful in recognizing individual areas for improvement. It is really very much encouraging that all the faculty members earnestly participate in these programs.